Business Finance Assistant Program


Business Finance Assistant Program @ CICD

Do You really need to train to be a Business Finance Assistant?

The answer is a profound “YES”. Business Administrative Finance Assistants are evolving from an old fashioned “Excel / Data Entry / Hard Copy Receipt Keeping” to “do-it all” super-professional. The heavily technology dependent “Administrative Finance Assistant” positions are in high demand. In a nutshell, the “Administrative Finance Assistant” is essentially the nut and bolt of daily finance operations of a company, and the company finance operations are scattered all over the place – Locally, regionally, and universally. With this growing need for highly trained, technically sound, and extremely motivated ‘Business Finance Administrators’ have made them the unicorns of the post-
pandemic derived, newly changed work-domains.

How does the “Business Finance Assistant” training at CICD make you a Unicorn?

The program offered at CICD is a complete and comprehensive training in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge of all the relevant duties of a ‘Business Finance Assistant’ in an organization (Post-Pandemic).

The Business Finance Assistant program at CICD prepares students to be proficient – Technical Hands-on Training – in the following duties of an Administrator:

Complete & Comprehensive training in Theory and Hands-on
Software-Tool-Training in:

  • Office and Business Accounting & Quick Books
  • Budgeting & software tools & Quick Books and MS Dynamics
  • Payroll management system & Quick Books
  • Agile Billing
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Cash flow analysis & Quick Books and MS Dynamics
  • Inventory management & Quick Books and MS Dynamics
  • Expense tracking & Quick Books and MS Dynamics
  • Business credit card & Quick Books
  • E-commerce solutions & MS Dynamics

Where can a Business Finance Assistant work?

All Organizations. Unlimited opportunities.

What is the job outlook for a Business Finance Assistant?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, as many as 390,210 more Business Finance Assistants in the United States through 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. With a projected 11% rate of growth from 2023-2030, the prospect of ‘Business Finance Assistant’ is healthy and growing.

As per the employment / recruitment websites (, LinkedIn and Indeed), the starting salary of a well-trained Finance Assistant is $30 – $50 / Hour in San Francisco / Bay Area.


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