AI Powered Data Analyst


AI Powered Data Analyst Program @ CICD

Why do you need formal training to be a Data Analyst / Data Miner?

Discover, learn, and master the essentials of data analytics in the AI era. Our
unique and immersive AI Powered Data Analyst Program at the Centre for
Innovation in Computing and Data (CICD) integrates theoretical knowledge and
hands-on training to empower individuals with the skills necessary to navigate
today's data-driven world.

Why Choose CICD's AI-Powered Data Analyst Program?

In this digital age, data analysis has become a crucial aspect of business decision-
making. The AI Powered Data Analyst Program at CICD goes beyond traditional
learning, using AI-driven methodologies to enable students to comprehend and
utilize complex data.
This course will equip you with:

  • Practical Understanding: A deep, applied understanding of AI-powered data
    analysis, going beyond theory to practical application.
  • Real World Data: Work with real-world data and AI tools, giving you the skills and
    confidence to tackle real-world data analysis scenarios.
  • Experienced Mentors: Learn from top experts in the field who have hands-on
    experience in AI and data analytics.
  • Industry Connections: Build your professional network through our connections
    with leading tech companies.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced individuals
looking to improve their skills.
Key modules include:

  • Foundations of Data Analysis: Explore key concepts, tools, and techniques used
    in the field.
  • AI in Data Analysis: Understand how artificial intelligence enhances data analysis,
    including machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling.
  • Data Visualization: Learn to communicate data insights effectively using powerful
    data visualization tools.
  • Ethics in AI and Data Analysis: Understand the importance of ethics in data
    analysis and AI, including privacy, bias, and fairness.

Job Outlook

As per the employment / recruitment websites (, LinkedIn and Indeed),
the starting salary of a well-trained Data Analyst / Data Miner is $45 – $105 /
Hour in San Francisco / Bay Area.

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